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Ensuring Data Security to USB Drives

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While USB drives have become the way of the future and definitely promote modern day technology, it also creates a demand for making sure the data they hold is secure and protected.

Users at Risk

There is an increased demand for USB drives from individuals and businesses alike. To keep up with this demand, manufacturers are coming out with these devices with faster drives and enhanced storage capacities.

Companies are particularly at risk if they store sensitive data in USB drives that are unsecured. They are in danger of their employees taking confidential data out of their offices using USB drives. This can result in the loss of vital customer data, business plans, financial data, sensitive information and the related risk of damage to reputation.

Assuring USB Drive Security

It is not possible to ensure any kind of security of USB drives without risking the advantages of portability. So, all security measures should be directed at making the drive inaccessible to potential unauthorized users and processes, like a malware attack. A good way to do this is to encrypt all data to be stored, and also make routine scans of USB drives for malware, spyware and viruses, by means of effective software.

Encryption of Data

This includes software as well as hardware encryption. The former is done by making use of appropriate programs while the latter is not. In fact, hardware encryption is safer than the software for the simple reason that such encryption is not at all stored in the memory of computers, or in the hard drive. This prevents computer viruses, malware and spyware software from accessing the USB drives. Besides the keys used in hardware encryption are not stored in the memory of computers. This enables hardware solutions to effectively resist what is termed cold boot attacks, as compared to software solutions.

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