The Wonder That Is USB Drive

Since the advent of the USB drive, things like floppy disks, CDs and most other storage devices have become obsolete. Since this wonder device is small, light and extremely portable, it can be conveniently carried around anywhere, and the movement of data can be carried out with the utmost ease.

It is our intention to bring you all the relevant information concerning this wonder device, that has taken the information world by storm. We have prepared a whole series of links in an effort to bring you information on the many facets of the USB drive.

A USB drive is known under a whole host of names like USB drive, USB memory, USB stick, pen drive, memory stick, thumb drive, jump drive, disk on key, disk key, and flash-drive. It is essentially a device for the storage of data and consists of a flash memory as well as a fully integrated USB interface.

USB drives, like most modern devices are continually updated and at present they are in their fifth generation. The storage capacity is also continually upgraded with the result that the many advanced, high end laptops have begun to use memory sticks instead of hard disk drives.

We also would like to bring to the attention of USB drive users in general, the introduction of a lot of counterfeit drives that are flooding the market claiming to have such incredible storage capacities as 64 GB. In fact these devices are mostly 2 GB drives that simulate high storage capacities by means of clever electronic circuitry.