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USB Factory is your go-to store for your data storage needs.

 A USB flash drive is probably one of the most common items to have at home, work or school. It is something that you need almost every time. As small as it can be, choosing the right USB makes a big difference so it’s going to be one of your most important purchases.

Why is it important? This little drive is going to store your important files and documents from work or maybe keep a collection of pictures for your precious memories. Whatever the file is and no matter how big it is, you’re going to need the most reliable and strongest USBs. Not only for storage, but you can also make it a ram USB to increase your computer’s performance.

At USB Factory, we provide the most dependable USBs on the market. With our articles and guides, we can help you choose which USB drive is most suitable for you.

On this page, you will find information about:

  • New and featured products
  • Types of USB drives
  • Pros and cons of USB drives

a person holding a USBNew And Featured Products At USB Factory

If you’re searching for USB options, you can find a list of our products of our new and featured USBs. You are guaranteed to find the best USB for your needs, whether you need extra storage or a ram USB. Our list comes from a wide selection of retailers to choose from.

From a wide selection of designs to different specifications, you can easily browse it through our website. If you’re having difficulty in choosing, you can read our blogs for more tips and informative topics about USBs. You’ll also find customer reviews from people who recently purchased the product to help you learn more about the item.


7 black and silver USB Drives

Types Of USBs

There are two types of USB flash drives: USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. Whichever USB flash drive you choose solely depends on your needs and preferences. If you don’t mind the speed, then a USB 2.0 is good enough. A USB 2.0 flash drive is the standard flash drive, which can transfer data for 60 MB/sec.

If you need something faster and efficient, you can try a USB 3.0. A USB 3.0 flash drive is much faster than a USB 2.0 as it can write, read and transfer data as fast as 625 MB/sec. Because it’s more powerful than a USB 2.0, you can expect the price to be higher. However, keep in mind that a USB price depends on the specifications and the brand.

a USB Drive inserted to a laptopPros And Cons Of USB Drives

Every product you buy will always have its pros and cons. However, the cons are not always around as it also depends on the customer on how he or she uses the product. Among the many benefits of a USB is its usability. It is lightweight, portable, and easily connects to any device. If you need to store sensitive data, you can be assured that most USBs are using either software or hardware encryption. You’ll find numerous USBs with these features at USB Factory.

For disadvantages, you may find the USB’s size can be prone to loss or damage. Moreover, the most common problem of USBs is acquiring annoying viruses as they can easily be transferred from one device to another. If you’re not careful enough, having a USB might be a pain for you. Read blogs at USB Factory to learn good tips on how to prevent viruses.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best USB drives offer fast data transfer speeds. The faster it is, the quicker you move huge files. You’ll find most people prefer affordable USBs that has high capacity storage.

USB drives are mostly reliable but may have certain limitations. Depending on user habits or preferences, it may affect the level of its reliability. At USB Factory, we only choose the best USB drives that can give optimal performance.


The USB can be used as a ram USB to speed up your computer performance. If you’d like to learn how, you can find many articles showing the step-by-step guide in turning a USB into a ram USB.

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