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Cool USBs

Cool camera design USB Drive on the table

Must-Have Cool USBs

With our ever-changing world and fast advancing technology, having a USB is part of a necessity in everything that we do. From saving documents to transferring data, we need a USB to help us with it. It’s something we take with us everywhere we go, may it be at work or school. A typical USB looks fairly ordinary with its usual box-shape design and dull colours. There isn’t anything special with the design most of the time. However, having a USB doesn’t mean it has to be boring or just a device to keep. There are so many cool USB designs that are actually available if you want to spice things up a bit. Depending on your style, you can have a fun and quirky design or maybe a simple, classic and elegant one. Whatever it may be, you can choose cool USBs that show your personality.

Cool USBs For Sale

You can find several USB designs depending on the theme you want. For instance, a movie-inspired USB are Thor’s Hammer USB Flash Drive and a Transformer USB Drive. Pretty cool, right? If you like something funny and weird some USBs represent that like a Human Thumb USB or even a rock-shaped USB. If you like things more personalised, some USBs offer customization, which can include your name on the USB. It’s definitely a good USB to scare people from taking a USB with your name on it. It’s also a great gift idea with a personal touch if you plan on buying a gift for someone. These USBs are better than your typical boring USB.

Are They Expensive?

The price of a USB varies on several factors. You need to keep in mind the specifications of the USB such as the type, storage capacity, and brand. Generally, the more storage there is, the more expensive a USB is. You can purchase a normal USB for as little as $10 and can go higher than $20. How about customised and cool USB designs? Since these are unique and have normally very little stock, these USBs are a bit more expensive than an ordinary-looking USB. You also have to remember that some of these USBs are usually from a movie franchise. For instance, a Star Wars Darth Vader USB is priced at $55 to $68 with a storage capacity of 16GB and 32GB. For non-movie related USBs, you can find a cheaper one that can be less than $10. However, you may want to check the quality and durability of these types.

Is It Worth It?

If you are buying it as a gift for a more personalised touch, then you can say it is a good buy. For aesthetics purposes or decorations, having a unique USB design can add a nice touch to your device collection. Moreover, if ever you are a fan of Star Wars for example, then buying their merchandise is probably a good purchase as a collector. It really depends on the person if they think it will satisfy their wants and needs. However, you always have to remember that not all USBs are the same. You have to check the quality and durability of the USB as you need a strong USB to store your data and keep it safe. So no matter how cool USBs are, it’s not cool if you lose your important files and documents just because they got easily corrupted. If you’re thinking of buying one for yourself, don’t forget to check USB Factory for our wide selection of USBs that may suit your style and preference.