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a pink USB drive inserted in a USB port adaptor

What Is A RAM USB?

It’s common knowledge that a USB is used to store and transfer data from one device to another. However, some people also use USB as RAM windows 10 support or other operating systems. There are some computers that can use USBs to give the optimal performance to their computer. The question is – Is it effective or harmful to the computer? It may or may not depending if there is enough system memory. The higher the RAM, the more speed you’ll need. If these two don’t add up, it may damage the USB drive.

If you’d like to learn more about using a RAM USB, this article will show you how and whether or not you should get one.

USB RAM For Laptop – Is It Possible?

Some people may disagree with a USB turned into RAM since it won’t exactly give you the same function of an actual RAM. The only benefit it may do is to enhance performance but not necessarily increase the value of RAM.

Instead of an ordinary USB, some people use ReadyBoost or Virtual Memory. ReadyBoost is created by Microsoft to help boost your computer’s performance if it doesn’t have enough RAM. As for Virtual Memory, it is a virtual storage of your computer that uses a part of the hard drive to act as a RAM. It is also known as a swap or temporary increase.

ReadyBoost Vs. Virtual Memory

As the years pass by and the more work you do, you may notice your computer slowing down or heading to the overloaded RAM stage. If you’re in dire need to boost your computer’s performance, then you can choose between ReadyBoost or your computer’s Virtual Memory. Both are cheaper options than buying and installing a new RAM.

Some people prefer using Virtual Memory, the computer’s built-in functionality, since using a USB drive can be much slower to perform all functions. However, if you choose ReadyBoost and follow all necessary requirements in installing ReadyBoost, then this can work well for you as long as conditions are met.

Are RAM USBs Worth It?

If you need a temporary fix, then having a RAM USB is a good choice. This is not an actual RAM as it only stores information temporarily. It’s not really harmful to the computer, but it may slow down the computer’s performance. If you are using an old USB type, you may not see any significant improvement in your computer’s performance.

Moreover, you may only see the usefulness of a RAM USB if you don’t have enough RAM left on your computer. If your computer still has enough RAM, it won’t really make any difference. If you’d like to learn more about fun facts and news about USBs, USB Factory has several articles to keep you updated on the latest news.